YARDLEYS is an Estate Agent with twenty four years’ experience in property.

YARDLEYS is managed by Landlords, for Landlords.


We offer a consistent level of care and high standards.


We believe the Tenant must fit the property. We have the expertise to let fast, let right and let long term, the first time. When this is achieved the tenant looks after the property making the Landlords life less stressful.

We do not discriminate with age, sex, race, or status as in general there is always a home available for someone.


YARDLEYS is LIVE on line 24/7, we have the most up to date software in place and the best live notification system.


We manage arrears before eviction is necessary, we focus on assisting tenants to get back into


Unlike most letting agents, if there is a problem…….. YARDLEYS will help you get it sorted.


Our tenant vetting system is very thorough. This involves visiting tenants at their existing address, prior to application.

YARDLEYS always check with the landlord before handing out the keys.

The letting of residential property is governed by legislation and failure to comply with a legal requirement may result in criminal prosecution or at the very least a costly legal bill.  There is of course nothing to stop a landlord acting without an agent. At YARDLEYS we are trained to understand the legal requirements and we have procedures in place to ensure that they are complied with, giving the landlord complete peace of mind.

At YARDLEYS we are always willing to visit your property to provide a market appraisal based on our experience and knowledge of the local market place.




Our in-house maintenance team provide a cost-effective solution for landlords, tenants and homeowners to help repair, maintain and refurbish their properties.

We carry out a complete range of works, providing home maintenance, handyman services, Gas Safe certified Engineers, Electricians and Plumbers.

Our in-house maintenance hourly rate starts at £65 for the first hour and £15 for additional hours.

Delivering our extensive range of services and helping our customers with solutions to their maintenance problems no matter how trivial, or complex the job. We ensure the fastest, most efficient, most cost-effective and essentially most reliable property maintenance services to your business.

We provide a full range of property maintenance and refurbishment services, using our experienced teams. Yardley’s Property Maintenance always works to complete every job in a time-sensitive manner, and within budget, leaving you with the peace of mind to continue running your business.

As a leading building maintenance company, our promise is to deliver a tailor-made solution to meet the highest standards in the industry.

If you require maintenance, or want to ask any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.



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